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Rod's Steakhouse

From the Williams Tour Guide print publication

Arizona Highways named local restaurant Rod’s Steak House one of Arizona’s 25 top restaurants in the magazine’s April 2011 edition, adding to the restaurant’s already prestigious list of achievements.

The magazine chose the steakhouse partially because of its iconic history as a Route 66 fixture, but also because of its consistent menu which, according to food critic Nikki Buchanan, has offered the same prime rib, steaks, beef liver and fried chicken to customers for the past 50 years.

Deciding to include Rod’s in Arizona Highways was a simple process, Buchanan said.

“It has changed over the years, I’ve done this about four times now I guess and in the beginning they used to leave it almost explicitly up to me. But over time what happens is, people start writing letters and say, ‘oh, we love that’ or ‘we can’t believe you didn’t include that’. We do pay attention to letters that we get from readers telling us about places,” Buchanan said.

When original owners Rodney and Helen Graves opened their doors to a steak-hungry public on Aug. 23, 1946, they created a main street institution and a familiar atmosphere, which has carried on for decades.

That institution is something that current owners Stella and Lawrence Sanchez successfully reproduce today.

The recent inclusion in Arizona Highways is not the first time Rod’s has been recognized. In 1999, Rod’s Steak House was inducted into the Arizona Restaurant Hall of Fame.

For more information, visit www.rods-steakhouse.com.


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